East Hills Girls Technology High School

Honor Ante Honores

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Canteen menu

All items are halal, unless otherwise stated.


Available until 9am.

Menu item Cost
Yoghurt cup from $3
Yoghurt with mixed berries from $3.50
Fruit cup from $3
Cheese toastie $4.50
Raisin bread $2.50
Banana bread $3.50
Oven-baked hashbrown $2.50


Menu item Cost
Cheese and salad $6
Chicken $6
Tuna and mayo $5.50
Curried egg and lettuc $5.50
Ham and cheese (NOT HALAL) $5.50


Menu item Cost
Kafta (hummus, lettuce and tomato) $7
Chicken caesar (chicken, lettuce and dressing) $7
Falafel (hummus, lettuce, tomatoa and pickles) $7
Cheese and salad $6.50
Ham and salad (NOT HALAL) $7

Salad boxes

Menu item Cost
Garden salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrot) $6.50
Caesar salad (lettuce, croutons, egg and dressing) $6.50
Sweet chilli chicken (marinated chicken, lettuce, tomato and sweet chilli mayo) $7
Falafel salad (falafel, lettuce, tomato and pickles) $7

Home-made pizza

Menu item Cost
Cheese (tomato base and cheese) $5
Pepperoni (tomato base, pepperoni and cheese) $5.50
BBQ chicken (BBQ base, chicken and cheese) $6


Menu item Cost
Beef burger (lettuce, tomato and tomato sauce) $6.50
Chicken burger (crumbed tender, lettuce and mayo) $6.50
Cheese burger (beef, cheese and tomato sauce) $6.50
Fish burger (battered fish, tartare sauce and lettuce) $7.50

Hot meals

Menu item Cost
Italian (Monday) Small $6 Large $8
Indian (Tuesday) Small $6 Large $8
Asian (Wednesday) Small $6 Large $8
Mexican (Thursday) Small $6 Large $8
Mix up (Friday) Small $6 Large $8


Menu item Cost
Beef pie $6
Steak and potato pie $6.50
Sausage roll $6
Cheese and spinach pastry $6.50

Drinks, snacks and frozen items are also available from the canteen.