East Hills Girls Technology High School

Honor Ante Honores

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Every Wednesday (Year 7-10 only) from 12.35-2.35pm.

Please wear your full sport uniform and bring a hat and drink bottle.

Sport choices

Students in years 8-10 are able to choose a sport to participate in each term. 

For some sports choices, participation and travel fees apply. 

Please view the 2024 Term 2 sports choices document (PDF 397KB) for more information. 

Our school sporting philosophy

At East Hills Girls Technology High School, we offer challenging and motivating sports opportunities to help students develop skills and confidence. We believe in:

Promoting lifelong physical activity

We believe enjoying sports and staying fit is important. By offering various sports, we hope students will stay active for life.

Maximising active time

We ensure students are active during sports. The Department of Education requires at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week.

Enthusiastic and skilled coaching staff

Our coaches and teachers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. They are dedicated to teaching the right skills and sports activities.

Competitive opportunities

We give students chances to compete in tournaments and other events. These competitions can even lead to state and national levels.

Encouraging participation and house spirit

We encourage all students, no matter their skill level, to join in school carnivals and show their house spirit. Everyone has a chance to participate and feel included.

Harnessing talent and potential

We look for and support sporting talent in students of all ages. Our programs help students develop their skills.

Enhancing wellbeing through sport

Sports helps boost self-esteem, identity, and belonging. Physical activity also improves overall wellbeing and leads to a healthier lifestyle.