East Hills Girls Technology High School

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Our staff

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Contacting our staff

Year co-ordinators are the first point of contact for matters relating to your child's schooling (non-course related).

If you have a matter relating to your child's education in a specific course, please contact the relevant Head Teacher.

Contact can be made via the school's emailIn the email subject line, please include:

  • Attention: Year Co-ordinator or Head Teacher
  • Child's full name
  • Child's year group

Then please address the information you are enquiring about in an email.

If you have an urgent matter or would prefer to call, please contact our school on 02 9773 9160. Our administration staff will direct your call to the appropriate teacher or deputy principal.

Executive staff and administration

Principal Ms Lucy Andre
Deputy Principal Ms Zeinab Hammoud - Year 7, 9, 11
Deputy Principal Mrs Kylie Rytmeister - Year 8, 10, 12
Office Administration Manager Mrs Bronwyn Hatzis
Business Manager Mrs Medeana Harrison
School Counsellors Ms Sharon John and Ms Gina Sorensen
Enrolment Enquiries Mrs Keryn Brown

Head teachers

For any communication relating to a student's progress in a specific subject, contact the relevant head teacher.

English (Relieving) Ms Sarah Gray
Mathematics Ms Donna Lee-Duval
Science (Relieving) Ms Linda Clutterbuck
HSIE (History and Social Sciences) Mr Jay Short
PDHPE (Personal Development/Health/Physical Education (Relieving) Ms Louisa Bailey
TAS (VET Technology and Applied Sciences) Mrs Karen Saville
CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) Mr Filip Necic
LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Mrs Karen Saville
Administration Mr Adam Olm
IT (Industrial Technology) Mr Shailesh Sharma

Wellbeing team

For matters relating to a student's health or wellbeing, contact the Head Teacher Student Support or year co-ordinators.

Head Teacher Student Support Ms Sue Simonsen
Head Teacher Student Support (Relieving) Ms Roula Tambakes
Learning Support Teacher Ms Peta Passmore
Learning Support Teacher Ms Glynnis Vandergraaf
Learning Support Teacher Ms Kylie Thumpkins
Learning Support Teacher Mrs Tanya Lorenz
Learning Support Teacher Ms Kerry Evans
Student Support Officer Ms Gabriela Sandrussi

Year co-ordinators

Year 7 Ms Lauren Teasel (Year Co-ordinator) Ms Hania Darwich (Assistant)
Year 8 Ms Emily Towell (Year Co-ordinator) Ms Leonie Arentz (Assistant)
Year 9 Ms Susan Moore (Year Co-ordinator) Ms Elle Lykourezos (Assistant)
Year 10 Ms Karen Halwagy (Year Co-ordinator) Mr Mark Borg (Assistant)
Year 11 Ms Katrina McCarthy (Year Co-ordinator) Ms Hosun Hun (Assistant)
Year 12 Ms Emma Parsons (Year Co-ordinator Ms Kim Price (Assistant)

Staff with special responsibilities

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students Mr Daniel Ross, Mrs Karen Saville, Mrs Kylie Rytmeister
Astronomy Club Mr Daniel Ross
Careers Advisers Ms Linda Downey, Ms Lecia Leigh
Chess Club Ms Kylie Holden
Check-in Mrs Maree Harrington
Debating Ms Karen Mottershead
Disability Provisions Ms Lauren Sims
External VET/TAFE Ms Linda Downey, Ms Lecia Leigh
Garden Club Ms Linda Clutterbuck
HSC Minimum Standards Ms Zeinab Hammoud
Information Technology Support Mr Rhys Booth, Mr Shailesh Sharma
Inspiring Student Success Co-ordinator Ms Kylie Thumpkins
International Students  Ms Lauren Sims
Junior Drama Club Year 7 and Year 8) Ms Elle Lykourezos
Junior and Senior Dance Ensembles Ms Amelia Morello
LaST (Learning and Support Teachers) Ms Kerry Evans, Ms Tanya Lorenz, Ms Peta Passmore, Ms Kylie Thumpkis
Literacy and Numeracy Ms Amelia Morello
NAPLAN Co-ordinator Ms Zeinab Hammoud
NSW School of Languages Ms Linda Downey
NSW Saturday School of Community Languages Ms Linda Downey
NSW School Spectacular Performances Ms Amelia Morello
Premier's Reading Challenge Ms Kylie Holden
Premier's Sporting Challenge Ms Louisa Bailey
School Immunisation Program Ms Sue Simonsen, Ms Roula Tambakes
Sports Co-ordinators Ms Louisa Bailey, Mr Mark Borg, Ms Marium Ibrahim
SRE (Scripture Co-ordinator) Mr Jay Short
STEM Mr Shailesh Sharma
Teacher Librarian Ms Kylie Holden
VET (Vocational Education Trainiing) Ms Karen Saville
Virtuoso (Creative and Performing Arts Performance) Mr Filip Necic
Year 6 Project High School Program Mr Filip Necic