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Green Club

Our green group work on projects to improve the environment of the school. We are very grateful for the guidance from members of the community and the local volunteer group, Panania Free Rangers.

The group has created a fruit grove, cultivated vegetables in the large market garden, grown herbs outside of the TAS block, and established a bromeliad and floral garden outside the library, which is a sanctuary for the blue-banded native bee.

Students have explored garden art, creating a wishing well from car tyres, recycled timber from a palate to make a large photo display, and produced some beautiful floral displays for the front office.

Maintenance of garden spaces means students spend time improving the soil through composting weeds, mulching and solving problems to keep the irrigation working. Plants are grown from seed, cultivated in the school greenhouse.

Food is harvested when in season, and towards the end of term we enjoy a 'Forage and Feast' class, where students learn to prepare and share a plant-based meal produced from the garden. Planning is underway for sensory reflection space.

Canterbury Bankstown Council have kindly donated dozens of bags of compost, native trees and a bee hive of native stingless bees. These important invertebrates pollinate our market garden.

Our green group meet weekly during sport on Wednesday afternoons.