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Information Technology

Information technology provides for a broad range of subjects within the information technology faculty. Within the faculty we offer information and software technology, information processes and technology, software design and development, graphics technologies, industrial technology, alectronics and industrial technology multimedia and VET information digital technology.

Stage 5 courses

Information and software technology. This year 9 and 10 course provides a broad introduction into the many facets of information technology. This includes everything from robotics and automated systems through to advance graphics and web design.

Graphics technologies. This year 9 and 10 course enables students to gain an understanding of a broad range of technologies including architectural design, technical drawing, computer-aided design as well as the commercial use of graphics.

Industrial technology electronics. This course enables students to gan an understanding of what makes the world around them actually work. Students develop the knowledge and the confidence to be able to design and contruct their own circuits even up to the point of designing their own computer systems.

Stage 6 courses

Information processes and technology. This year 11 and 12 course allows students to gain an understanding of the design and operation of information sytems. Information systems are responsible for the operation of most of the things that we see in our society today. The importance of these systems will only grow in the future.

Software design and development. This year 11 and 12 course allows students to gain the skills design and produce their own computer software and to gain an understanding of the processes involved in creating commercial software. The ability to code has been recognised as an important area for all students and software design enables them to take these skills to a commercial level.

Industrial technology multimedia. This year 11 and 12 course enables students to use their creativity and technical skills in the creation of commercial advertising products. Students learn how to create video advertisements, billboards, television commericals as well as trailers for movies and games.

Information and digital technology. This industry curriculum framework course is accredited for the HSC and provides students with the opportunity to obtain nationally recognised vocational qualifications. This is known as dual accreditation.