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Work Placement Process

Work Placement Process


  1. Teachers advise the Work Placement Coordinator (CBCC) of required numbers of placements and provide student details to Work Placement Coordinator
  2. The Work Placement Coordinator then provides work site offers to each of the frameworks at the school
  3. Students are advised of the work placement offers and details
  4. Students accept offers of placement and details are returned to the Work Placement Coordinator within 7 days
  5. The Work Placement Coordinator returns confirmed details and paperwork to the school
  6. The students then ensure all paperwork is completed thoroughly
  7. Copies of the paperwork are made for the workplace, the family and the school records before the student attends work placement
  8. The student phones the workplace before attending work placement to confirm placement details
  9. Teachers contact work sites during the work placement period to monitor student progress

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