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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

East Hills Girls Technology High School brings together the use of technology and students in a safe and responsible manner, ensuring the students, parents and community are safe and responsible digital citizens. The girls attended regular workshops such as High Resolves and Cyberbullying Seminars run by Bankstown Police Citizens Youth Club New South Wales. The school community is encouraged to use digital technology responsibility using educational apps such as Apple Classroom and collaborating online in safe, respectful and appropriately.

Our school has a focus on ensuring the leaders of tomorrow are equipped with the moral and ethical skills required to participate in a digital world safely and responsibility.

iParent part of the Office of the eSafety Commissioner website has useful information, tools and resources to assist in learning about the digital environment, and how to help your child have safe and enjoyable online experience.

The digital citizenship website provides useful information for students, teachers and parents/caregivers. It provides a range of resources including games and videos to teach your child about how to be safe and responsible online. The website also has a parent section that provides information, videos and advice on how to help your child be a safe and responsible digital citizen.